AHL-ALKHIBRA was founded as an Engineering Company in 2006 by a team of proffesional engineers
leaded by the mechanical Engineer Mr.Omar Azzawi.

AHL-ALKHIBRA is a specialized company in the basic and detailed design for all kind of Air-Conditioning projects using international software, codes and standards.

Our company has the capability for design, installation, supervision and maintenance so we offer full services from basic design to on-site supervision and this is done by the dependence on qualified engineers and technicians having long experience in this field.

Also we are involved in the trading business and have the ability to supply all types of A/C units starting from small units up to big central equipment.


Our company aspires to be briliant in our speciality and achive most satisfied customers.

We are proud to be the leading company providing the best HVAC solutions.


Satisfying the customers by submitting the best quality of services with reasonable prices.

Performing practical planing and guarantieng the best quality of jobs executed.

Fields of Activities

  • A/C units starting from small units up to big central equipment.
  • Designing and manufacturing the mechanical and electromechanical systems and devices.
  • Designing, supplying and fixing controlling devices for industrial purposes.
  •       Designing and making power and electronic boards.
  • Construction of ware houses.
  • Re-creation of various systems to comply with the necessities of any project.
  • Technical and engineering consultation.
  • Technical and engineering appreciation and judgment of engineering projects, and even to provide solutions and answers to
          non-standard tasks.

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